Ann Curry To Return To The Today Show?

Ann Curry left the Today Show earlier this summer, but it seems that the star already is wanted back. Ann was actually let go from her job as co-host of the show in June. Today Show producers claimed that the departure was not in fact their fault and all they want is for Ann to come back. It seems that the low ratings the show registered in the past few months are the main reason why producers want Ann Curry to return to the Today Show.


Why Ann Curry was let go from the Today Show is a question that many tabloid magazines have tried to answer. Over the summer Ann told People that Today Show producers wanted her to dye her hair and dress more feminine and contemporary. The star said she refused to do so, as she wanted to remain true to herself and her own tastes.

Soon after leaving the Today Show, Ann signed a contract with NBC News. If Ann managed to do just fine, we cannot say the same thing about the Today Show. Following Ann’s departure the ratings of the show have much decreased. The new co-host, Savannah Guthrie, failed to convince the audience, so Ann is now asked to help the show regain its success. The Today Show has been for years the number one watched morning news program, aspect with changed over this summer.


An insider told Radar Online that Ann loves her new job at NBC and she is so much happier as a front line reporter. If she will receive an official proposal to come back from the Today Show, and mostly if Ann will accept it, is something we will probably find out in the following weeks.

Until then, problems seem to continue for the Today Show. According to the latest rumors, Matt Lauer is dealing hard with the drops in ratings. It seems that the star has been much affected by the fact that the show lost its place as the leader morning television show to Good Morning America. The show’s ratings continued to get lower each month since the summer.


Still, Matt receives all the needed support from the show’s producers, who seem to believe that he is the heart and the soul of the show. Producers also said that the whole issue linked to ratings is more complex than just the dismissal of Ann Curry. According to the Associated Press, producers believe that any time there is a change, people need to process it in order to adapt to it and accept that change.

There is no doubt in the fact that the Today Show has been through a rough time, but probably producers will find the best ways to overcome it.