Matt Lauer To Be Replaced From Today Show

The Today Show has been struggling for quite some time now to become once again the number one morning television show in the United States. Various changes and strategies have been tried by the producers of the show, but it seems that none of them really worked. Well, now new reports indicate that the Today Show producers are considering replacing Matt Lauer, the host of the morning television show.

A report published by The New York Times indicated that the morning television’s low ratings are actually the main reason why Matt’s days in the show are numbered. As The Today Show is still on the second spot behind Good Morning America when it comes to morning television, there is no shock in the fact that producers are considering replacing Lauer.


Recently, an executive producer of the Today Show claimed that what matters most to make this morning television show successful is the connection that the audience has with its anchors. “What matters most is the anchor connection to the audience; what we need to work on is the connection,” the executive producer claimed. Still, a staff member declared that the producers were referring to Matt Lauer, exclusively, and the decision does not also include Savannah Guthrie, as well. Lauer was blamed by some for the departure of Ann Curry, which took place in June, 2012. It has even been claimed that Matt Lauer will be replaced by Willie Geist or David Gregory.

Despite these rumors, officials from NBC said that they actually have no intention of replacing Matt. A source told US Weekly that NBC has no plans in replacing the star. On the other hand, Matt Lauer claimed that the way NBC treated Ann Curry and handled her departure from the show was not the most inspired one. While Lauer said that NBC could have handled better that transition, officials from the network claimed that Lauer had nothing to do with Ann’s departure, insisting that the current anchor of the show is not responsible for the exist.


What are the show’s producers willing to do next and if Matt Lauer will be replaced from the Today Show is something we will find out in the near future. For now, the Today Show remains the second most watched morning television program in the US. If this situation will change in the following months and the show will be able to regain its first spot in the audience’s preferences is something no one can tell for sure.