NBC To Replace Today Show Producer

NBC, who is still struggling to make the Today Show successful once again, will bring new changes to the morning television show. The Today Show lost its supremacy when it comes to morning shows to Good Morning America, following Ann Curry’s departure from the team. Ratings dropped amazingly in the past few months and the reality is that NBC has to make a change.

Now, NBC is expected to name Alexandra Wallace as the executive producer of the Today Show. Until today, Alexandra has served as a senior vice president for the network. The change is not very shocking, as current producer Jim Bell, failed to keep the show’s ratings at the highest level possible. However, if Alexandra Wallace will be named the new executive producer of the Today Show, she will be the first woman in charge of the long-running NBC show. The pressure and the responsibilities will surely be impressive.


Jim Bell was blamed for all the problems that the Today Show is going through nowadays. Jim Bell has been in charge with the show since 2005. He was also considered to be responsible for the way Ann Curry’s departure from the show was handled. The firing of the co-host of the Today Show was an extremely controversial event. Ann Curry was replaced with Savannah Guthrie earlier this year. Ann left the Today Show in June.


The Today Show was the top-rated morning television show for no less than 16 years in a row. In 2012, the show lost its supremacy. There is no wonder a change had to be made. If Alexandra Wallace will be confirmed to take the responsibility of making once again the Today Show the most successful morning television program or not is something we are about to see. When the new change is expected to take effect is not known yet, either.