NBC Today Show

Every country has a television channel that is world renowned. In France it’s Canal+, in the United Kingdom it’s the BBC and in the United States it’s NBC. The company first began broadcasting in 1926 and was the first of its kind in the US; it was the first major broadcasting company in the USA and is one of the few in the world that has lasted for so long. Broadcasting to over 112 million homes throughout the USA, the success of the channel is a testimony to the excellent programming and quality entertainment that is on offer.

One of the longest running shows on NBC is the Today Show. Indeed, with the first program being aired in late 1952 it is one of the longest running shows in the world! The first program in the wave of talk shows that have arisen since the 1960s (due, in part, to the success of this show) it has been the most popular weekly talk show; only briefly knocked off its perch in the 1980s by Good Morning America. Although originally lasting for only 2 hours on weekdays, the program is in such demand that the hours have been expanded regularly to the extent that the program today lasts for 4 hours on weekdays and shows on a Saturday (for two hours) and Sunday (for one hour). Such is the success of the program; with just under 5 million viewers, that there is no cause to believe that the program is in danger of being cut any time soon!