The today show live

Just about all the big cities in countries around the world have their own equivalent of the today show. The today show was designed as a breakfast TV show which come on early in the morning for people getting up to go to work so that they could be entertained as they get ready. With some great people that are casting the today shows of the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and England. If the hosts were not famous when they joined the team then they certainly is now after being a host of the TV show. This discussion show talks about the news, current events and the weather but there is also some fun thrown into the mix. With food and cooking segments, movies and books of the week, beauty and fashion as well as tips for better living you could say that the Today Show is one show that has a very broad audience.

At the moment the winter Olympics for 2010 are on and this is televised on each today show depending on if their country are doing well. There are contests to win prizes as well as helpful people giving advice about back to school safety, safe cleaning practices, and cheap places to buy your fuel this week and groceries as a whole. Like a current affairs program that involves a studio audience and takes the viewer’s suggestions seriously the today show is made for the people and is run by people that want to share the good parts of the world along with reporting the bad. It is a difficult thing to be a news reporter but in some TV programs making that sacrifice can be worth it especially if there are good stories to tell which make peoples days happier.