The Today Show On NBC

The Today Show is one of the most popular American morning television shows on NBC, which debuted in 1952, being the longest running American television series. Although at the beginning it was a two-hour program, in 1987 it expanded to Sundays and in 1992 to Saturdays. In 2007, this show was expanded to four hours, being a proof that its popularity hasn’t decreased at all throughout time. This incredible show was produced By Sylvester B. Pat Weaver, Jr., the vice-president of NBC and it included news, lifestyle features, as well as light news and interviews, so it was very interesting and covered a wide variety of topics. For many years, the show was moved from one studio to another and in 2006, the studio was renovated and moved back into the revamped Studio 1-A space, being divided into five parts on the lower level, including the interview area,  the new desks, as well as home base, the couch area and it also has a kitchen located upstairs.

New anchors of the show have included a lot of people such as Chris Wallace, Tony Guida, Frank Blair, as well as Jim Fleming, Ann Curry and many others. From 1952 to 1964, one of the most important parts of the show was related to fashion, lifestyle and weather, all presented by a woman, Estelle Parsons being the first who had this job and her title was “Women’s Editor”.

Throughout time, the Today Show changed a lot , but it’s still amazing how it managed to maintain its popularity even after all these years. As the Internet has become very important, in 2012, the show had new online feature called “Today in Two Minutes”, which was anchored by Natalie Morales and provided brief updates on various topics. At present, the Today Show presents breaking news, interviews, reporting on a variety of human interest stories, as well as popular culture, finance issues and weather reports. Editions and topics are tailored to the interests of viewers and can also include special series and wonderful  live performances of many celebrities. As the Internet has advanced lot, people can watch it now online from any place where they have a reliable Internet connection and a computer or a laptop, which is amazing.