Today Show Australia

The today show really started its origins in Australia where the people of this country were looking for something to entertain them before the start of work, while they were getting the kids ready for school and for those of us lucky enough to stay home at that time of the morning. A complete current affairs program with a twist that incorporates the weather, latest news, facts and findings for this year and this day plus many other segments of the show that are very entertaining. The show tells us all of the interesting things that are happening around us not only in Australia and the seven states but also around the world. There is always something interesting going on around the world and usually right in your own backyard and the today crew are right on top of it all.

If you were watching on the Today show this morning you would have seen that the new north to south bypass in Brisbane was completed and opened last night. The traffic going through the tunnel that goes south travels underground for over 4kms to get to the other side of the river. For the first three weeks the toll will be free until a charge of $4+ per car will be charged until 45 years later in 2055. You would have also seen Kate Winslettes pending divorces as well as what was happening in the latest football news. Australia is a very interesting nation to live in and the team at the Today Show for Australia is always going to have someone there to report the good points as well as the bad. Raining, flooding, snowing or drought there is always something to report. Live today with the Today show and you will be up to date with what the latest and greatest topics are in Australia today.