Today Show Cast

The cast of the Today Show on NBC is as diverse as it gets in the world of news and entertainment. It is also a steady cast that doesn’t get changed every other month as is often the case. This diversity and their ability to keep steady cast members is an excellent way in which they’ve maintained a steady audience over the years and continue to be popular. The current cast list is as follows.

Matt Lauer – Matt has worked with NBC since the early 1990’s hosting shows as well as working as a news anchor.

Meredith Vieira – Meredith actually began her career as a radio personality.

Ann Curry – Curry was born in Guam to an American father and a Japanese mother in 1956.

Al Roker – Al is a native to New York and has degrees in graphic design as well as broadcast journalism.

Natalie Morales – Natalie is a host after Meredith Vieira for the third hour of the show as well as steps in for Ann Curry from time to time.

Tiki Barber – Tiki was born in Roanoke, Virginia and excelled in school at football and track; his brother also plays for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Giada De Laurentiis – Giada is a classically trained chef that is now a correspondent on the show.

Gene Shalit – Mr. Shalit is a popular correspondent and is known for his mustache as well as his bow ties.

Kathy Lee Gifford – Kathy has only been a host on the Today Show since 2008, but she is coming into her own nicely.

Hoda Kotb – Hoda is a notable addition to the member of the cast on the Today Show, especially after her battle against cancer was chronicled on the show.