Top of the Morning Explains Today Show Drama

The Today Show has been the most successful morning television show in the United States for no less than 16 years. However, starting with last summer the success of the Today Show has started to drop. Soon, Today show fell to the second place in the ratings, loosing its supremacy to Good Morning America. How and why this happened is something that has many times been debated since the firing of Ann Curry, when the success of the show first started to pale. Well, now a new book is trying to answer all questions regarding the reason why Today lost no.1.


Top of the Morning is the book that debates the success and the downfall of Today in viewers’ preferences. The book is written by Brian Stelter, who debates that the firing of Ann Curry caused the change in the morning television show’s ratings.

“When Matt Lauer decided to renew his contract, that’s when NBC was pretty convinced they should remove Ann Curry from the show … But Matt doesn’t shoulder all the blame himself. The real culprits are the executives behind the scenes, but unfortunately viewers never knew their names so they took it all out on Matt Lauer,” the author of this book claimed according to WTOP. But why was Ann fired? Well, according to Brian the Today Show has been winning for such a long period of time that they actually forgot how to lose. And that is a problem, at least this is what the author thinks.


Currently, Good Morning American is the no. 1 morning television show in the United States. The show is watched by millions of Americans each day. Well, it seems that Brian has an explanation for that, as well. According to the author of Top of the Morning, immediately after the firing of Ann Curry Good Morning America realized how to capture the viewers who became disappointed with Today.

“I think GMA figured out how to stop being the ‘Today’ show. It had to be its own thing. GMA was more fun. It was more lighthearted, definitely more entertainment- driven than the ‘Today’ show and more importantly — it was ready to take an opportunity that was given by the ‘Today’ show,” Brian Stelter explained.


In Top of the Morning: Inside the Cutthroat World of Morning TV, Stelter talks about the dismissal of Ann Curry, the Today’s impossibility to get out of second place, despite all their attempts, but also the financial pressure in morning television. Brian Stelter is a media reporter for the New York Times. The entire subject is fully debated in the journalist’s book, which should be read by all those interested in the fate of the Today Show.